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About Us

Keith A. Candiotti, M.D.It gives us great pleasure to announce that Keith A. Candiotti, M.D. has been appointed chair of the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management, following several months serving as interim chair. His appointment comes after being a valued member of our Miller School faculty for almost 25 years.

Dr. Candiotti was a medical student at UM, a resident in both Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology and chief resident in Anesthesiology at Jackson Memorial Hospital before joining our faculty in 1995. He is currently a tenured professor in anesthesiology and internal medicine. Prior to being appointed chairman, Dr. Candiotti held the positions of executive vice chairman, vice chairman for clinical research and chief operating officer of the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management for several years.

In his permanent role, Dr. Candiotti plans to maintain the department’s longtime focus on excellence in clinical care, while enhancing the research, education and service aspects of our Miller School’s multifaceted mission. In a renewed spirit of collaboration, he also plans to reach out to other Miller School departments and UHealth programs.

As a researcher, Dr. Candiotti has published over 100 peer-review articles, many with high citation rates, focusing on a wide range of topics from pharmacogenomics to neuromuscular blocking agents to post-operative nausea and vomiting. He recently published a paper in a leading Anesthesiology journal on a new anti-emetic drug and a review article on chemical weapons, in keeping with his interest in public safety and mass casualty management.

As a well know clinical researcher, he has secured more than $9 million in clinical trial funding and has several active grants. He is a widely requested speaker around the world, including Asia, where he carries a funded appointment as a professor of the Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Xiangya Medicine School in Changsha, China. Additionally, Dr. Candiotti recently gave a talk at the American Society of Anesthesiologists on reducing surgical site infections to more than 1,000 anesthesiologists. His interest in research also extends to basic science, where he is conducting studies to examine the cellular mechanisms inducing opioid tolerance in smokers after surgery – an important issue considering the national opioid crisis.

In other areas, Dr. Candiotti’s goals include increasing the faculty’s digital presence and building a more effective alumni network to help students and residents connect across the country. He also plans to expand international training opportunities for Miller School students and anesthesiology residents and fellows in China and other nations around the globe. Clinically, one of his main objectives is to bring Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols into regular use for a variety of surgeries.

Finally, Dr. Candiotti is deeply committed to the department’s mission of service, which includes supporting medical missions in Haiti, Cuba and other countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. As he says, “My overriding goal is to build our department so that we can make an even greater contribution to our patients, our students, our community, and our University.”

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Candiotti in his new role.


Edward Abraham, M.D.
Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
CEO, UHealth

Henri R. Ford, M.D., MHA
Dean and Chief Academic Officer