Perioperative Surgical Home Initiative

Perioperative Surgical Home Initiative


Perioperative Surgical Home Is an innovative model of delivering health care during the entire patient surgical/procedural experience; from the time of the decision for surgery until patient recovery. It is designed to achieve the triple aim of improving health, improving the delivery of healthcare, and reducing the cost of care. These goals will be met through shared decision-making and seamless continuity of care for the surgical patient, from the decision for surgery through recovery, discharge, and beyond. Each patient will receive the right care, at the right place, and the right time.

Perioperative Surgical Home Initiative at the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics:

Together with our surgical colleagues, anesthesiologists at the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics, works to develop and apply evidence-based, outcome-oriented protocols for the perioperative care of our surgical patients. Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) recommendations are utilized to establish standardized patient care pathways to ensure high quality care and improved outcomes for the surgical population. The initial initiative focuses on two key areas, orthopedic total joint replacements and colorectal surgery. A multidisciplinary task force led by Dr. Ralf Gebhard will formulate ERAS adapted protocols for optimized and standardized multimodal perioperative care. Dr. Carla Cordova (colorectal surgery) and Dr. Brian Osman (orthopedic total joint replacement) are heading up the implementation of these processes into the daily clinical practice and the education of trainees regarding these methodologies.

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