Fellowship Program : Fellows



Bhavna P. Singh, M.D.
Chief Fellow, Transplant Anesthesia

Dr. Bhavna P. Singh is from the Silicone Valley of India, Bangalore. She completed medical school in Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute where she received her M.B.B.S. (2011.) She completed her residency training in Anesthesiology, Pain & Critical Care, at the ESIC Medical College and Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (2015), also in Bangalore.

Dr. Singh further specialized in critical care, nationally competing for, and obtaining a coveted Fellowship position with the National Board of Education, training at Fortis Hospital, in Bangalore, where she completed two years of training (2018.) Seeking to increment her education, she obtained a Fellowship position in Transplant Anesthesia at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami, in Miami, Florida. Her ultimate career goal is to apply her training in a way that provides comfort to the sickest and most challenging patients.

Dr. Singh is an enthusiastic individual who is not afraid to join in. She enjoys watching movies and spending time with her family; participates in quiz competitions, and various musical and sports activities; and volunteers for “causes that matter” and “of lasting impact.”


Waseem Alfahel, M.D.
Fellow, Transplant Anesthesia

Dr. Waseem Alfahel graduated medical school from the University of Damascus Faculty of Medicine, Syria (2011.) He completed his residency training in anesthesiology at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon (2016.)

Searching for further training opportunities, Dr. Alfahel came to the United States where he assumed the following positions: Fellow in Pediatric Anesthesia (2016-2017: Oishei Children’s Hospital/University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY); Fellow in OB Anesthesia (2017-2018: Oishei Children’s Hospital/University at Buffalo); Fellow in Transplant Anesthesia (2018-2019: Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami; in Miami, FL.)

Dr. Alfahel considers himself an outgoing person who enjoys going on road trips and exploring new places. He has already visited 17 American states, and is planning to visit many more. He is an enthusiastic sports fan, particularly of swimming and soccer.


Martine Lindsay, M.D.
Fellow, Transplant Anesthesia

Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Dr. Lindsay completed medical school at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine (2013.) She then went on to complete residency training at the University of Alberta’s Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (2018) where she developed a keen interest in liver transplantation anesthesiology.

Academic interests include: Perioperative care of the liver transplant recipient; Simulation in medical education.

Outside the operating room, Dr. Lindsay enjoys snowshoeing, traveling, and is a devoted fan of the Toronto Blue Jays.


Mahmoud S. Sleem, M.D.
Fellow, Transplant Anesthesia

Dr. Mahmoud Sleem is a native of Egypt where he obtained his medical degree from the University of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine (2006.) He also completed his anesthesiology residency training at Etay Elbaround Hospital (2015), followed by a Master Degree in Anesthesia & Critical Care from Benha University (2016.)

Dr. Sleem’s advanced training and experience include the following positions: Fellow in Anesthesia & Intensive Care (2015-2017: Sahel Teaching Hospital; Cairo, Egypt); Fellow in Advanced Perioperative Transplant Care (2017-2018: Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami, in Miami, Florida); Fellow in Transplant Anesthesia (2018-2019: Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami.)

On the lighter side, Dr. Sleem has trained as a table tennis player since the age of six. Broader interests include, learning about different cultures, and studying their native languages. He speaks Arabic, English, German, and is studying Spanish. He is also interested in web-based education, and enjoys listening to classical music.